Tulsa dispensaries say Oklahoma is setting a high standard for medical marijuana

Tulsa dispensaries say Oklahoma is setting a high standard for medical marijuana (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- 2018 was a ground breaking year for medical marijuana in Oklahoma, raking in over $7.5 million in tax revenue.

Many said 2019 will easily top that.

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However, it hasn't been a smooth process in Arkansas, which legalized medical marijuana back in 2016.

It still hasn't sold any medical pot, which has many Oklahoman's thankful the state government is taking it's citizen legalization seriously.

"I think the state government of Oklahoma realized this is what Oklahomans felt pretty strongly about," said Arnie Maggard, manager at The Peak East Village Dispensary.

Over 30,000 people have signed up for their medical marijuana license, and that number grows by about 2,000 each week.

The East Village Dispensary said it's been open about two months and business is booming.

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"It's been incredibly rewarding to see how many people we're able to help in so many different ways," said Maggard. "Some of our products we sell out periodically because it's new to us. New to the industry and new to the state."

Maggard believes the way the state has handled the new transition has been in the best interest of those who need medical pot.

"The time frame has been really realistic. You weren't told, hey you're going to have this awesome treatment then be forced to wait for it. People are able to have the treatment, and almost explore it immediately to see if it's right for them," said Maggard.

While Oklahoma is seeing a medical marijuana boom, other states like Arkansas, are stuck in limbo while battling over who will grow Marijuana.

They expect to start selling marijuana around April.

"Arkansas, they just don't see it. They're not doing the right thing for their people," said Michael Almohandis, CEO of Fort Apache Medical Dispensary. "It's really nice to see Oklahoma take the incentive and do it. It's great for the people, and great for patients. It's good for all the new businesses, and it's nice to be a part of something so efficient."

Maggard, a patient himself, said having a natural way to medicate has made all the difference.

"In a way, Oklahoma has tried to set the gold standard," said Maggard.

And he said, it's only just the start.

"There's going to be a lot of new products coming to market. A lot of companies are just starting to really ramp up what they offer," said Maggard.

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