Tulsa fire cadets tackle intense flames

Tulsa fire cadets training on a liquified petroleum gas burn. (Mummolo/KTUL)

Resting on some foldout chairs, it obviously takes a lot to impress three year-old Abby, whose Dad is a firefighter cadet just a few yards away tackling a monstrosity of flames.

"It's kind of intense," said Abby's mom, Becky Dukes, watching training and getting a deeper appreciation for what's involved in the job.

"It gives me a better idea of what they're doing everyday, so that's nice," she said.

"So tonight the cadets are doing a liquified petroleum gas burn," said Tulsa firefighter Andy Little.

All part of the fire academy's rigorous program which for these cadets will wrap up with graduation November, if they make it through tonight.

"It's intense, it's loud, you can definitely feel the heat from back here. So imagine if you were in the gear and you were one of these cadets doing this for the first time," said Little.

"It's awesome, getting to train under such real conditions here," said cadet Kyle Eller, explaining just exactly how they're tackling this particular scenario.

"As we approach, we're cooling the tank, cooling the fire down, and as we approach the guy in the middle that's directing every step for us once we make it up to the tank, he turns off the valve and that's what kills the fire, and then we're able to back away from the hot tank," he said.

And all of this taking place with an audience. Friends and family fill with pride as intense as the flames being tackled.

"We have a three month old son and all I've been thinking about is the sacrifice that I've been making so this is really good for me to see because I get a better idea of the sacrifice that he's been making," said Dukes.

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