Tulsa Fire Department trucks don't have air conditioners

    Tulsa Fire Department trucks don't have air conditioners (KTUL)

    Mayor G.T. Bynum said it is a priority to repair the air conditioning systems in Tulsa Fire Department trucks as soon as possible.

    The fire department has confirmed that at least 16 of their trucks do not have functional air conditioning.

    A statement from the mayor's office said the maintenance costs of the current fiscal year were much higher than expected and money ran out.

    So, starting with the new fiscal year on July 1, the repairs will be made while making sure there are enough trucks available to continue the current service level. Plus, the department's bus will be made available as a cooling station when needed.

    The city notes that fire chief's cars are often on-scene and can be used by firefighters for cooling.

    The city will also be buying several new engines this year. Those vehicles will replace older trucks that never had air conditioning.

    The city noted that fire trucks were never taken out of service because of the problems, so the ability to respond to a call was never impacted.

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