Tulsa is close to another homicide record

Tulsa is close to another homicide record (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - Detectives say many of the people on Tulsa's streets have a different attitude when it comes to gun violence, and it shows in the growing number of homicide cases.

Tulsa may have a record number of killings for the second consecutive year.

There have been 81 murders so far in 2017, compared to 82 in 2016.

Homicide Detective Sgt. Dave Walker said there are more guns on the streets and in the hands of the wrong people.

From bad drug deals to arguments and road rage, they're being pulled out and used more often.

"We're in that kind of thinking that you're carrying one, so I'm gonna carry one," Walker said. "It's almost like that Wild West stuff going on."

While the police are working to take more guns off the streets, they don't think that's a long-term answer.

They're afraid we'll be living with the murder trend for a long time.

Tulsa Police are currently solving 92 percent of their murder cases, so a lot of killers are going to prison.

Walker said the change may need to start with the culture of our City.

"Right now, I'm seeing three and four lost generations," he added. "Not just to gun violence, but to gun attitude and drug violence and drug attitude, and where they're not being held responsible for anything."

Walker said they get good cooperation from most of the community.

So he'd like to see that go further, with our schools and churches working on the next generation.

Walker noted that we have one of the best pre-school systems in the country.

So, we could start with 6-year-old kids and work with them all the way through high school.

Walker said too many of our young people now think they can grab a gun and make a living robbing and shooting people.

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