Tulsa musician headed to Hollywood for 'American Idol'

Tulsa musician headed to Hollywood for 'American Idol' (KTUL)

Hunter Gotcher could be the next American Idol.

At just 10 years old, he used to come to the south Tulsa park where we met him and strum a guitar with some true local legends.

"Playing with people like Rocky Frisco and Chuck Blackwell," Gotcher said. "They really helped me out and mentored me to get me where I needed to be musically."

He couldn't have paid for better music lessons, but when the American Idol bus came to town and auditions were open, Gotcher decided he wasn't ready.

Instead, he posted a video to Instagram with the hashtag #NextIdol.

It worked.

"One day, somebody messaged me on Instagram," Gotcher said. "The next day, I'm in front of Lionel Richie. There's no other way to explain it. It's that crazy."

Gotcher says he brings Tulsa to the stage with him, giving listeners a unique sound.

"Tulsa and Oklahoma is known for that red dirt style, and since I grew up with those red dirt mentors, that has been acquired into my music," he said. "You can definitely hear that. You're going to hear those inspirations. We mix a little bit of electronic, so we have that electronic mixed in with that red dirt style, and also a folk twist."

Gotcher is still in disbelief, but he's been practicing like a madman.

"You never know really like what's going to happen, what curve balls they are going to throw at you," he said. "I'm trying to prepare for that the best I can."

Even as he walked home from our interview, he was strumming along and singing to himself. Hunter Gotcher is ready for Hollywood.

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