Tulsa police arrest 4 suspects in armed robbery

Tulsa police arrest 4 suspects in armed robbery (KTUL)

Officers took four people into custody early Friday morning in connection to an armed robbery near West Charles Page Boulevard.

Shortly after midnight, Tulsa police responded to the scene. The victim said two people threatened him with a knife and stole his money then drove off in a getaway car.

From the victim's descriptions of the suspects, the officers were able to locate several people in a matching vehicle at the QuikTrip near Highway 412 and North 25th West Avenue.

One suspect tried to run away when he saw the cop, but was taken into custody. The three other suspects inside the vehicle were taken into custody for questioning.

A knife matching the victim's description was found on one of the suspects and the other evidence was found inside the car.

Robbery detectives are interviewing the four suspects.

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