Tulsa police hunt stolen guns, say they're a major factor in city's high murder numbers

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) – Detectives with the Tulsa Police Department confirmed a stolen gun was used during a homicide at Norberg Park Sunday evening. Homicide detective Sgt. Dave Walker said many of the city’s murders and shootings use a stolen gun.

“The latest one that we had was at Norberg Park, where either suspect of victim was armed because there’s a gun there at the scene where the suspect left,” said Walker.

Police are cracking down on the people that stole three guns, including an AK-47, from a Tulsa home. TPD posted surveillance pictures to Facebook, asking the public if they knew anyone pictured involved in the burglary. Wednesday, officers confirmed at least one person has been arrested, and investigators also identified the other suspects involved. Police said they can’t reveal too many details about the case, including information on the guns, but mentioned they are interviewing someone now for more answers in the ongoing investigation.

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Walker said the thieves in the burglary case may not necessarily be the most violent people, but explained the importance of catching them.

“Those are the one’s that will sell the guns to somebody and through that circle it’s going to end up in a bad guys hands and then we’re in trouble,” said the homicide detective.

Walker clarified the guns stolen from the burglary have not been traced to any homicides in the city. He stressed two things the community needs to help police get done in order to get more guns out of the wrong hands.

“The bad people that are in this town, that everybody knows who they are and they run scared of them because they carry guns need to call us and say hey this guy has a gun,” said Walker. “Somebody that’s housing these children, who are getting into trouble, they’ve got to put the gun somewhere—go through the room. If they are a guest in your house or they’re living there go through the room, you find a gun, call us and let’s take it off the street that way.

Walker explained by people speaking up, TPD has solved more murder cases and believes the same should be done to get more guns off the streets in efforts to help reduce Tulsa’s record homicide numbers.

“We need to take that to the next step. Let’s cut down the 82 murders to 50 this year. And then lets cut 50 to 30 and so forth,” said Walker.

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