Tulsa police see rise in car break-ins, burglaries in midtown

Tulsa police see rise in car break-ins, burglaries in midtown (KTUL)

The Tulsa police have a warning for hotel guests using the many hotels that are available near 31st and Memorial.

While it’s a nice part of our city with good overnight options, many of their guests have encountered problems recently.

Officers say there have been at least two dozen car burglaries and two car thefts.

The crimes continue even after police have arrested some people they believe were involved in a professional burglary ring.

They said the problem is that they caught them after the fact with stolen property in their possession.

Sgt. Clay Ballenger is the Day Supervisor in the police department's Mingo Valley Division.

He said it’s frustrating because some of the cases end up being misdemeanors and the suspects are back on the street in hours. Fortunately, some of the hotels have stepped up.

At the Clarion Inn and Suites, they've invested in 44 cameras that cover every inch of the property.

Anwar Leathers handles night security for the hotel, and he said the equipment is very useful in reducing any problems.

Sergeant Ballenger said drivers need to protect themselves by parking near as much activity as possible.

“The way this area is set up at night, there are not many people moving around. So, if some kids or car burglars or anybody want to drive through here, there’s a lot of targets of opportunity, a lot of cars and not many people around at night," Ballenger said.

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