Tulsa police warn of citations for unattended cars left running

Tulsa police warn of citations for unattended cars left running

Thinking of starting up your car and letting it warm up for a few minutes before you head out in the morning? That might not be such a good idea.

The Tulsa Police is warning that officers will be writing tickets for drivers who leave their cars running and unattended this winter.

Citing an existing city ordinance, the department says there is already a law against leaving a running car unattended, and they want to remind people that doing so is a good way to make yourself vulnerable to crime. That's why they intend to focus on enforcing the ordinance.

"[W]e're not out there combing the neighborhoods looking for running cars to cite... We want you to be careful and not leave your cars running and unattended where someone can come up and steal your car. Some children have been inadvertently kidnapped because they were left in a running car," the department said.

Tulsa police say they had 3,848 reports of auto theft over the last calendar year.

Additionally, they wrote 64,891 citations in that same time period. They say of those, only four tickets were for drivers who left a car running.

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