Tulsa Promenade mall in transition

The mall's movie theater has closed but is expected to reopen soon under new management. (Peterson/KTUL)

The closure of the movie theater at the Tulsa Promenade mall has raised questions about the mall itself.

General Manager Veronica Butts says the theater has been sold and is expected to reopen shortly, but like the sign out front, the Promenade doesn't quite light up like it once used to.

Vacancies are a touchy subject; management refused to let us shoot any empty store fronts but didn't mind if we spoke to a store owner with something nice to say.

"We have great business; we love this mall," said Abby Alhlou. Her jewelry store has been here ten years.

"My business is growing, and I'm going downstairs where the Zales location, and I'm going to spend maybe over $50,000 just for the moving costs for me to go downstairs, because I believe this mall, and we're having great business here," she said.

Down on the first floor, Crime Stoppers is a relatively new kid on the block here for about a year.

"Thank goodness that we're here in the Promenade where we're more visible to the public rather than being stuck in an office building somewhere away from the public," said Executive Director Karen Gilbert.

Some of the bright spots are the new additions of Creoks and TruHealth. There's also a new bridal shop and a modeling store. The general manger says they've hired a commercial broker to help lease out vacancies.

As for thoughts from tenants?

"Maybe if they just put a little bit more money into the mall, remodeled a little bit, something like that, that might help," said Noor Alhlou.

"A little bit of the revitalization is happening, but then at the same time, it's sad to see other retailers, movie theaters, moving out," said Gilbert.

The former Macy's location has also been bought and is expected to be occupied later this year, but who the new tenants are remains under wraps.

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