Tulsa protesters call for resignation of OU regent over anti-gay comments

Tulsa protesters call for Humphreys's resignation (KTUL)

People across the state gathered to protest anti-gay comments made by University of Oklahoma Board of Regents member Kirk Humphreys.

Humphreys made controversial comments about gay men on an Oklahoma talk show. Now, people here in Green Country are pushing for him to resign.

"His words just simply do not jive and do not belong to a person that sits on a regents board," said Chris Shoaf.

The corner of 41st and Yale, where Tulsa's OU campus sits, became a platform for a small group of protesters.

"Those comments were very divisive and harsh," said Toby Jenkins with Oklahomans for Equity.

This protest and others in Norman and Oklahoma City come after Humphreys compared homosexuality to pedophilia during a weekend appearance on an Oklahoma talk show.

"I was flabbergasted that anyone would even try to compare those two things," said Shoaf.

"He does not represent what OU stands for and what we as Oklahomans stand for," said protester Stacy Schusterman.

While Humphreys did apologize, this group says it's too late; the comments have already caused fear among those in the LGBTQ community.

"It looks bad on the state, it looks bad on the University system," said Jenkins. "It sends fear and concerns to our LGBTQ students at OU and across our state universities.”

For those protesting Humphreys's comments, there’s only one resolution.

"Regent Humphreys needs to resign from the Board of Regents," said Shoaf.

The board met earlier Tuesday during a meeting scheduled before this controversy.

Humphreys did not attend the meeting.

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