Tulsa the 'parking lot' for some grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes

    Tulsa the 'parking lot' for some grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes (KTUL)

    Tulsa is now the “parking lot” for grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes.

    There are nine planes sitting at the American Airlines facility in Tulsa after the FAA grounded them Wednesday. Those nine are part of the 24 total MAX planes that American has in its fleet.

    Experts said if there are any changes that need to be made on the AA planes, most likely they’ll happen in Tulsa.

    “It’s fairly rare; in the old days, it happened a lot, but it’s fairly rare,” said Dan Reed.

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    Reed has reported on the aviation industry for decades. He just recently wrote an article for Forbes on the MAX planes. He said, even though it’s rare to ground a whole fleet of planes, he doesn’t expect it to negatively affect Tulsa or American Airlines.

    “I don’t see any long term positive or negative effects on Tulsa. Tulsa just happens to be the location where any fixes of any planes, American planes, will be implemented,” said Reed.

    He said right now, we just don’t know what, if anything, is wrong with the Boeing 737 MAX planes. It’ll be a waiting game.

    “That plane is too well made. Boeing is too sharp, that would make the kind of mistake that would be repeatable over a whole fleet of aircrafts,” said Reed.

    Reed said it may be some time before we know, but his best guess is that it’s more a pilot error than a plane one.

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