Tulsa trains 300 new poll workers

300 new poll workers will be taking part in the November election. (Wilson/KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- In just a few short weeks, voters will be choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But this week, a room full of people at the Tulsa county election board are choosing between Sam Bradford, Kevin Durant, Nancy Lopez, and Mickey Mantle.

"It's really interesting," said Linda Reiss, one of 300 new poll workers.

The city is training 300 new poll workers ahead of the November election. Many of them are plunging into the guts of democracy without any prior experience.

"I have always been sort of curious about how all this works," said George Grisaffe.

The day-long seminar covers the gamut of voting protocol 101.

"Part of this training, make sure it helps guide that voter through that process, make sure they're in the right place, they're at the right polling place, and they get the proper ballot and that ballot counts," poll worker Sam House said.

Grisaffe said he has never seen a system so organized.

"They have check sheets for everything," he said.

Amid many voters' fears the election will be rigged, Cecilia Wessinger said there are plenty of safeguards in the process.

"If you're afraid that things are going to be rigged, then come out here ad be part of the solution," she said.

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