Tulsa woman accused of child sexual abuse to serve additional 30 years behind bars

    Jerrica Lackey; Tulsa woman accused of child sexual abuse to serve additional 30 years behind bars (Tulsa County Jail/KTUL File)<p>{/p}

    A Tulsa woman accused of molesting her baby and sending videos of the assaults to her boyfriend now has an additional 30 years behind bars following Oklahoma state statute sentencing.

    Following the entering of a blind plea in which Defendant Jerrica Lackey admitted guilt, a sentence was imposed Wednesday of a total of 55 years in prison, 30 of which will be served in a state penitentiary.

    In May 2017, Lackey was arrested by Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies when it was discovered that she had been sexually touching her 1-year-old child and recording the acts, then sending the video to her online boyfriend in Florida.

    Subsequently, Lackey was prosecuted in federal court for distribution of child pornography and other crimes. She pled guilty to those crimes and was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison.

    Yesterday, Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Katie Koljack argued that Lackey’s federal conviction should not prevent the court from pronouncing additional punishment for her crimes committed under the Oklahoma state statute.

    District Court Judge James Caputo sentenced Lackey to 30 years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for count one, then 25 years each for counts two through six of child sexual abuse for a child under the age of 12. The judge indicated that the terms in counts two through six were to run concurrently together, but consecutive to the 30 years sentenced in count one, bringing the total sentence to 55 years in state prison.

    “We believe that Defendant Lackey will serve her 25-year federal sentence first, then be transferred to an Oklahoma state penitentiary to serve another 30 years. It was important to the state that this defendant be sentenced to a term that ensures that she is unlikely to have access to children for many, many years,” said Prosecutor Koljack.

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