Tulsa woman vacationing in Brussels when explosion goes off at train station near hotel

    BRUSSELS, Belgium (KTUL) -- Tense moments for a Tulsa woman on vacation in Brussels Tuesday as an explosion prompted evacuations at a train station just steps from her hotel.

    Joey Stenner is traveling in Europe with her fiance and son. They were returning to the Warwick Brussels when a small explosion was reported at Gare de Bruxelles Station, just a short three-minute walk from the hotel.

    Stenner said police promptly blocked off streets while her hotel welcomed people who evacuated the train station into the lobby to take shelter.

    "It's scary," said Stenner. "I don't know how well I'll sleep tonight, but we are here and we're safe in our room now."

    Stenner took to Facebook to let family and friends know she is OK.

    Earlier on the vacation, Stenner and her boyfriend, Jason Farque, became engaged in Paris. She said the trip has been great but after Tuesday's incident they are ready to return home.

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