Tulsans helping Texas

Tulsans are helping Texas flood victims in a variety of ways. (Clemmer/KTUL)

When we met them Monday night…

"Just have a passion for compassion, just helping other people," said Krista Stroder, she and her friends were just about to leave for Texas, to help however they could.

"I just like to basically pay it forward," said Tommy Smith.

They arrived in the middle of the night.

"We are underwater," said Krista in a Facebook video.

Overwhelmed by the devastation.

"Oh my gosh, and the smell," she said.

Scenes that continue to move folks wherever they are to help.

"Our goal are 500 cases, we'd be thrilled if we could get more than that," said Sand Springs principal Renee Plant, kicking off a water drive to donate to the Red Cross.

"We've got some staff members and some family members that have family down in Houston area really suffering, those that have lost their homes, those that are displaced," she said.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, as Krista and company were off loading their boat and 4-wheeler, the folks at Woodland West Animal Hospital off Highway 75 are getting ready for the potential of a flood of Texas pets.

"We do know that there's going to be hundreds if not thousands of pets displaced and unable to find their owners," said Dr. Mike Jones.

Dr. Jones says area rescues will be ready to do what they can.

"We're going to have crates and cages and we can probably house anywhere from 200 to maybe even more depending on the need," he said.

Okies helping Texans from near and far and every way possible.

"We really wanted to just help in any way that we could," said Plant.

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