Tulsans remember Roy Clark the legend

    Tulsans remember Roy Clark the legend (KTUL)

    Roy Clark, the legend, is gone. His death anticipated by those close to him.

    Sickness plagued him, but his memory lives on. And his legacy will live on forever in countless ways. Including over at Roy Clark Elementary in Tulsa.

    Clark often visited the school named in his honor. Talking with Channel 8's Keith Taylor, Clark made clear his love of the school.

    "When I walk up to some kid and say, where do you go to school? He says Roy Clark School. It doesn't get any better," said Clark.

    "Every time he would come, he would say I'm so humbled for a school to be named after me," said former principal Theresa Kiger.

    She said whether through fund raising or throwing a live concert, Clark was always there to help the school.

    "He had a concert at the UMAC, and raised twenty five thousand dollars for the school's music department," said Kiger. "And that's where we were able to buy all the instruments."

    Over in Claremore at the Roy Clark School of Music, Clark's friend Jana Jae from the "Hee Haw" days, worked with her fiddle students on a tribute concert for Clark.

    "I met Roy on the set of Hee Haw," said Jae.

    The two quickly became good friends. Jae said she owes everything to Clark.

    "If it wasn't for Roy, I probably wouldn't have a career," said Jae.

    She said Clark's death came as no surprise.

    "We knew he wasn't doing well," said Jae.

    Even so, the pain of losing him is real.

    "You think you're prepared, and you're never quite prepared. But we all love Roy Clark, all of America loves Roy Clark," said Jae.

    Clark's family is planning a memorial service in Tulsa.

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