Tulsa's A Gathering Place making progress despite months of wet weather

A Gathering Place for Tulsa is making a lot of progress despite delays caused by months of wet weather. (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - A Gathering Place for Tulsa for making a lot of progress despite delays caused by months of wet weather.

They believe they can have the park open to the public under an adjusted construction schedule by late next spring or early next summer.

Executive director Jeff Stava said it isn't like working on the building that to protects you from the weather once it has walls and a roof.

Almost everything they do is outdoors and subject to the whims of nature.

Imagine a project that includes planting an urban forest of 4,500 trees.

In all, the park will have more than a million different plants.

A prominent feature that's taking shape is a quarter-mile stone pathway surrounded by huge walls and columns of rock.

Stava said, "This is an area of stacked stone. There's over 3,000 tons of rock that have been brought up from Blue Bird Quarry in McCurtain County."

At the end of the walkway visitors will get a great view of the park and downtown Tulsa.

The parks, lodge, boathouse, land bridges and sports areas have all seen significant construction progress.

While the park is being built for Tulsans, it's already getting a lot of attention from other areas.

Stava said, "Such an iconic park is going to become a statewide regional and national draw. There are people who actually travel all over the US just to see parks."

On the barricaded trail along the river we found locals who are anxious for the opening because the river trail will reopen at the same time.

Cyclist Jeffrey McCollum said, "As long as we can get through there without hitting anyone or upsetting other people it's all good."

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