Unique opportunity to serve on Bartlesville city council

Want to serve on the Bartlesville city council but avoid the hassle of a campaign? Now's your chance. (KTUL)

It seems only fitting that in a world where politics are as rough and tumble as the spin cycle on a washing machine, when word came from Bartlesville city hall that there's a new vacancy on the city council, an appliance store was the place to go to talk about it.

"Ward 5 is largely residential," said Dale Copeland.

It just so happens this appliance store is owned by Mayor Dale Copeland, who was quick to point out that politics in Bartlesville are not like putting your hand over an open flame.

"We do not have partisan politics in the city council, we have a lot of ideas, but we're not divided along party lines," Copeland said.

And when a vacancy occurs, like with the councilor who's moving to another state, they don't bother with the expense of a special election, they just ask if someone from the public wants to finish out the rest of the term.

"So, there's no voting? They just, it's like a job application?" asked one woman.

The council reviews resumes and tries to pick someone with fresh perspectives.

"That's a hard discussion, a hard decision, you talk to people, you find out what their interests are, their background, what experience they've had. You'd like to have some diversity," said Copeland.

Of course, finding applicants is another story all together.

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