USS Tulsa crew members to visit T-town

Crew members of the USS Tulsa, similar to this ship, will be visiting Tulsa this week for the first time. (Clemmer/KTUL)

It was back in February when we first got a glimpse of her, the USS Tulsa, christening ceremony in Mobile, Alabama. Still with a long way to go until she's ready for the high seas, but getting closer by the day.

"It has new ship smell," said Lt. Commander Audry Oxley. She will serve as the Executive Officer, and be with the ship for the next five years.

"We can host a surface warfare mission module, we can host an anti-submarine warfare mission module, or a mine warfare module, kind of depending on what the theater commander needs," she said.

The next mission for ten of the Tulsa's crew members, a visit to the city the ship is named after.

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"Nobody visiting Tulsa as the crew has ever been in Tulsa, so this is going to be a big first for all of them," said Jerry Parkhurst, Vice Chairman of the USS Tulsa Commissioning Committee.

A meet and greet designed to give the crew a feel for T-town.

"Some of our historical spots, the council oak tree, Woody Guthrie Museum, Cain's Ballroom, they're going to be visiting schools," he said.

The crew will also receive the key to the city, and be introduced on the field at halftime for the TU vs Navy football game. So anchors away and full steam ahead to make the crew of the USS Tulsa feel as much at home in our city as they will on the ship.

"It's a big deal to have this named after us," said Parkhurst.

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