Vendors in Blue Dome District gear up for big St. Patrick's Day crowds

Vendors in Blue Dome District gear up for big St. Patrick's Day crowds (KTUL)

The Blue Dome District in downtown Tulsa may be a little difficult to navigate this weekend, but it promises to bring a good St. Patrick's Day celebration and the vendors are gearing up for big crowds.

Over at Joe Momma's, owner Blake Ewing is hoping his new location near East 1st Street and Detroit won't throw his customers off.

"We're around the corner this year. We're trying to figure out what that's going to be like," said Ewing. He figures where there's good pizza and beer, people will come.

"People can just come and grab a slice of pizza. We're basically going to be selling pizza out the window, out onto the street," said Ewing.

A couple of buildings down, at El Guapo's Cantina, Cody, the bartender, whips up yet another dirty bunny margarita, while Maria prepares some chalupas in the kitchen.

"Tomorrow is one of the busiest days of the year in downtown. Especially in the Blue Dome District," said Manager Joe Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said it takes a lot to get ready.

"We got about 12 five gallon buckets ready to go, full of margarita. We're probably going to sell through all 12," said Hutchinson.

They'll also be selling their famous street tacos in front of the restaurant.

"They are pretty amazing. They're our taco Tuesday tacos," said Hutchinson.

If you need a break from the Blue Dome, head over to the Dead Armadillo Brewery on 4th and Madison.

"Tomorrow is the inaugural opening of our backyard, our beer garden," said co-owner and brewer Tony Peck.

It took a lot of work, but what was once an unused gravel lot in the back of the brewery is now an outdoor oasis.

"It's fun to sit out here and drink, so we thought, 'Why not share that with the public,'" said Peck.

If you come out tomorrow, you can hear a live bagpipe band and get a taste of the brewery's newest creation.

"It's called Lil' Shenanigans," said Peck.

No matter where you go St. Patrick's Day, you're bound to find some Irish love.

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