Victim identified in Bartlesville homicide that shocked community

Victim identified in Bartlesville homicide that shocked community (KTUL)

The Bartlesville Police Department has released the name of the victim in the Bartlesville murder early Sunday morning as 53-year-old Gregory Meidl.

Police say neighbors knew who the victim was because of his efforts to keep the neighborhood safe.

"They kind of described him as the neighborhood watch guy. He would keep track of who was coming and going, and he always seemed to be paying attention," said Captain Jay Hastings of the Bartlesville Police Department.

Bartlesville police have arrested three people in connection with the deadly shooting over the weekend.

Tyler Thomison, 18, Thomas Alexander, 20, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested early Monday morning during a traffic stop in Nowata. The district attorney's office is finalizing charges.

Police say they were able to locate the suspects, accused of car-hopping and robbing unlocked cars, through surveillance video. Police say they matched the faces of known suspects with the characters in the video. Police say the suspects were found with stolen items in the vehicle involved in the alleged crimes.

"They’ve been finding handguns. It’s been increasing, and it is something we are concerned about. This is just an example of how it can become deadly, and unfortunately, it is an innocent victim, a homeowner who lost his life," said Captain Hastings.

Neighbors say they are shocked and some of them considering home surveillance cameras.

"We’ve lived here about six years and never had any problems in this little neighborhood," said Ron Sawyer, who lives close by.

Police say they still have at least a dozen car burglary suspects to track down to end the car-hopping problem in Bartlesville.

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