Video shows chase suspect almost running over Mannford officer

Video shows chase suspect almost running over a Mannford officer

Newly-released video shows the moment a Mannford police officer nearly gets run over by a chase suspect.

The officer fired multiple shots at the suspect, Joshua Caudill. His truck was found on a family member's property Wednesday afternoon but Caudill remains at large.

"You can see the officer's legs underneath the moving vehicle," said Mannford Police Chief, Lucky Miller.

For some in town, this incident isn’t surprising, specially coming from him. Caudill is known in town as a bit of a trouble maker.

"He comes from a good family, but I think he's had a little bit of trouble," said the owner of the local gas station In-N-Out, Vernon Butts.

"He's known in our department through previous arrest," said Miller.

The incident first started at In-N-Out around 10:30 Tuesday night. Store surveillance video shows Caudill parked at a pump in his blue pickup, when the officer drives up in front of him.

He quickly backs up and speeds off, starting a 17-minute chase on Highway 48.

"Caudill attempted to run over the officer and his K9 when exited his patrol unit," said Miller.

According to Miller, the officer fires seven rounds at the passenger window, but Caudill took off. The officer walked away with minor injuries from the incident, but it's unclear if Caudill was shot.

"We have notified all the surrounding hospitals and ask that if anybody comes in with gunshot wounds to notify us," said Miller.

Police consider him dangerous until is in custody.

"In a small town like this, you're always concerned for your safety," said Butts. "I think the police and the sheriff's department will get him, and when that happens, everyone will breath easier."

The officer was not placed on administrative lead. The department says this all still remains under investigation.

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