Violent burglary attempt caught on camera in Broken Arrow


    It's the kind of video you wouldn't expect your home security video would pick up.

    Three brazen suspects, with guns ready, try to get inside a house near South 145th East Avenue West Kenosha Street in Broken Arrow.

    The homeowner asked not to be identified, worried the armed suspects might come back.

    In the video, the crooks quickly run away as the homeowner fires a shot from inside.

    "It's not good to have those kinds of people around," said Gina Wagner, a neighbor just a few doors down.

    She says the idea of bad guys with guns has her on edge.

    "I don't like that at all," said Wagner. "I won't feel safe until they get that taken care of."

    Broken Arrow police are on it, trying to develop leads.

    "The suspects were not wearing masks, which is uncommon," said Officer James Koch with the Broken Arrow Police Department. "It also what appears to be broad daylight, which is also uncommon."

    It's a scary reminder, something like this can really happen to anyone. BA police don’t expect any changes against the homeowner for firing a shot the crooks.

    "Everyone in the State of Oklahoma has a right to defend themselves inside their home," said Koch.

    As police continue to track down the suspects, they're thankful this situation didn't get any worse.

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