Viral video alleging dog attack on Tulsa-area goat prompts global response

Viral video alleging dog attack on goat prompts global response (KTUL)

The video says it all. Or does it?

The now-viral video has people talking on social media, and they say this is nothing short of a vicious attack. A dog mauling a helpless goat as it cries out in pain.

The video has been viewed thousands of times, sparking an outcry from people around the world.

The original post was shared by a goat rescue organization based in New Jersey, igniting a firestorm of outrage across the globe and prompting calls to local law enforcement offices, animal rescue organizations and the media. At Channel 8, we've received messages from people as far away as the United Kingdom, asking how they can help.

Casey Roebuck with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said it's all they can do to keep up.

"The issue is we're not getting hundreds of calls, so people who need to get through with an emergency are having a hard time getting through," said Roebuck.

Roxanne Arnold and her friend live at the Berryhill home where the video was recorded. She said her friend owns the dog, Gunner, and the goats. Arnold said the video is misleading.

Gunner grew up with the goats, and Arnold said he would never hurt them. She said he even protects them from coyotes.

"He does a great job. We've seen coyotes all over the front yard and everywhere," said Arnold.

Arnold said the only thing Gunner is guilty of is playing a bit too rough with the goats.

Since the video went viral, Arnold said she's been getting threats.

"The neighbors come out and they scream, and they'll say cuss words," said Arnold.

Roebuck said the sheriff's office investigated the case.

"We came out and investigated. The goats are not injured," said Roebuck. "We as an agency take animal control complaints very seriously."

Erica Gonzalez, who recorded the now-viral video, stands by her decision to post it to social media and still believes those goats were being hurt.

"No, I'm not buying that. I live right here. I hear it every night, every morning," said Gonzalez. "I see open wounds on the male goat. The female is limping now. I don't know how much more evidence these people need."

The owner said because of all the harassment and after his address was posted online, he agreed to hand the goats over to an animal sanctuary.

The goats were picked up by the Wild Heart Ranch Tuesday. They were taken to a vet to be checked out and will spend the remainder of their days on the ranch.

In a statement, officials with the ranch said: "Dave Strickland, the director of Wild Heart farm Sanctuary and also a licensed animal cruelty investigator, was on his way immediately to retrieve the goats and deliver to our veterinarian for care. We have them. Dave's evaluation of the scene was that the guard dog was too young and rambunctious and had been routinely getting too rough with the goats. Their injuries reflect the same. Neither are seriously injured, but have several cuts, scrapes and punctures. These goats definitely needed a better situation and they will now have one."

For more information on the Wild Heart Ranch, click here.

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