Volunteer fire trucks across Green Country continue to be stolen

    Volunteer fire trucks across Green Country continue to be stolen (Courtesy of the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Three volunteer fire trucks have been stolen in just two weeks, and deputies believe the cases are connected.

    Thursday, one was taken from the Liberty Fire Department in Okmulgee County, and two were stolen a couple weeks ago in Wagoner County at Red Bird.

    All trucks were found, but for the Red Bird Fire Department, they were discovered unusable.

    For the Liberty Fire Department, there was damage and equipment taken.

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    "It is a major impact on our department," said Fire Chief Lee Johnson with Liberty Fire Department. "Unfortunately, people steal for a living, and we suspect that's what this is."

    Both cases, the crime was committed similarly.

    "They were just working their way down and knew about this building and were able to pry open the doors and get in," said Johnson.

    Johnson said it's a sad reality being the target of something that hurts their ability to serve when they're already spread thin.

    Every penny counts for volunteer fire departments.

    "People have to be educated that we can't respond to your emergencies if we don't have something to respond in. Some percentage of the population doesn't have interest in anyone else and will steal things for themselves and don't care where they steal it," said Johnson.

    He said they're upgrading security at their fire department.

    No arrests have been made in either case.

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