Wagoner County woman claims horse shot in head overnight

“I know that she probably had to be looking at them when they shot her,” she says. (KTUL)

There are all kinds of animals on Glenda Cook’s farm. Her prized pets though, are her horses.

“I know that she probably had to be looking at them when they shot her,” she says.

Friday morning she woke up to the worst thing she could imagine.

“I came out the door,” Cook says. “And, of course she was white, so I could see her immediately laying there and from the way she was laying I knew she was dead.”

She doesn’t think it was an accident.

“Those fillies slept over there all of the time,” Cook says. “And she would have let somebody just walk up to her when she was laying down. And somebody just walked up to her and shot her in the back of the head.”

Law enforcement tells her they think it’s suspicious as well.

“They tracked whoever, they thought they come up here,” Cook says pointing. “Right up through that little rise. And they looked like they come up right through the gate.”

There are footprints in the dirt. And they’re not from her boots.

“It’s not like someone was just driving down the road, a hunter,” Cook says. “And just thought, ‘Oh maybe there’s just a white deer laying out there under that tree.' The other filly was standing over her licking her while she was laying there dead.”

Her passion is sincere.

“It just breaks my heart for her,” Cook says. “You could tell that she didn’t die instantly. The ground was really messed up. So I know that she suffered. I was out here last night patting the two fillies. And then that’s her this morning with a hole in her head.”

Her desire for justice is firmly planted.

“Well, they asked me if I thought I had any idea who did this,” Cook says. “And I do. But I can’t say anything because it is an ongoing investigation.”

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