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Walnut Creek residents rally to fight 5G

Walnut Creek residents rally to fight 5G{p}{/p}
Walnut Creek residents rally to fight 5G

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They came from around the neighborhood, some two dozen Walnut Creek residents keeping the ball rolling to hopefully have some newly installed 5G poles uninstalled.

"On each of the poles there is now a letter addressed to whoever the contractors are, as well as the telecommunication companies that we understand are responsible for this; cease and desist," said Dr. Shelli Landon.

The location of Tuesday's press conference was right next to one of the poles which is right next to the home of Ken Rudzienski.

"Come home and find this piece of equipment, this pole here is upsetting," he said.

Ken received no notice the pole was going up and was given no opportunity to voice any opposition.

"I don’t understand the logic by putting it in a neighborhood where people are home in the evenings, they’re weekends outside playing in the grass with the kids. Why not put it somewhere in a commercial area where it’s not going to affect the residents' property values, not going to affect their health? I’d rather err on the side of caution than say, 'Well, it really isn’t going to hurt you,' and then find out that it did," he said.

That concern over health was enough to motivate Owasso resident Joe Esposito to attend.

"You know wireless, you can’t smell it, touch it, right. So we’re standing right now in a field of 3,206 microwatts per meter squared. I know nobody knows what that means," he said.

And voicing concerns about property rights, Tulsa City Councilor Jeannie Cue.

"I have concerns for our residents that, what are your property rights?" she said.

Questions and concerns flowing at 5G speeds, with Walnut Creek residents determined to stand their ground.

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"I’ll do whatever I can," said Rudzienski.


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