Plane tickets to the Rose Bowl are over $1,000

Plane tickets to the Rose Bowl are over $1,000 (KTUL)

Sooner fans around the state are clamoring to get to Pasadena, Calif., for the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

But if you haven’t already made your travel arrangements, you may be out of luck.

As soon as the confetti cannon exploded, Sooners fans were rushing to book their flights to the College Football Playoff.

“Any time there’s an event or a convention in a city,” explains Byron McClellan with AAA. “Airfare is going to go up and they’re going to go fast.”

And in LA, it’s New Year’s weekend.

“If you’re trying to fly out there,” McClellan says. “It’s kind of slim pickings at this point.”

Airfare has skyrocketed. The cheapest ticket through Delta Air Lines is almost $1,500. The cheapest through American Airlines is just more than $1,200. Southwest Airlines will get you to LA for a cool nearly $1,300.

“If we were looking at air fares right now," McClellan says. “First class, you’re talking probably $1,700 or more per ticket round trip if you can find anything at all.”

A family of four headed to the hallowed halls of the Rose Bowl is looking at thousands for the flight alone.

“Certainly it would be an opportunity for a road trip,” McClellan says. “If they have the time and the transportation to do so. As soon as the dates were set and location, airfare went quickly. We had some charter flights out there in some of our packages and they sold out very quickly.”

If you are headed to Los Angeles, McClellan has some advice.

“Take your time,” he says. “Expect delays. Certainly when you get into town there’s going to be delays so give yourself plenty of time and be safe.”

If you do plan on making that drive, buckle up and get comfortable. You’re looking at more than 1,400 miles and more than 20 hours in the car.

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