Washington County DA says officer justified in shooting death of Bartlesville woman

Washington County DA says officer was justified in shooting death of Bartlesville woman (KTUL)

Washington County District Attorney, Kevin Buchanan, ruled the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of an elderly woman was justified.

On Jan. 17, Bartlesville Police officers served a search warrant for illegal drug sales at a home near 16th and Maple. Four officers entered the home and encountered the suspect, 50-year-old Mike Livingston.

When they were taking the suspect into custody, 72-year-old Geraldine Townsend, the suspect's mother, pointed a handgun at the officer. A fellow officer yelled at her to drop the gun, then was struck in the face and returned fire, striking her once in the chest.

Police say they determined Townsend was firing a high-powered pellet gun, which resembled a real gun.

Officers and Emergency Personnel both rendered aide to Ms. Townsend but were unable to prevent her passing.

"The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation delivered its investigation into the circumstances leading up to and culminating in the death of Geraldine Townsend in Bartlesville, Oklahoma... upon review, no charges are warranted," Kevin Buchanan, District Attorney for Washington County said.

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