WATCH: OHP trooper rescues 3 small children from overturned truck in water

    WATCH: OHP trooper rescues 3 small children from overturned truck in water (Courtesy of OHP)

    The Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded to three small children who were pinned inside an overturned truck in a body of water on Valentine's Day.

    McCurtain County Sheriff's Office Deputy Curtis Fields called troopers for help on US-259 near Harris, Okla. around 6:15 p.m. on Feb. 14.

    When deputies arrived, they found trooper Cody Enloe already there with the Haworth Volunteer Fire Department. He was setting up the Jaws of Life "while the screams of the children inside were visibly shaking first responders creating a sense of panic."

    Fields said Enloe remained calm and in charge. Enloe was in knee-deep water while he instructed the firefighters on how to use the Jaws of Life and ended up prying open the doors of the passenger side.

    When he was able to completely open the door, he began to help free the children from the backseat.

    Enloe handed the first child, a toddler, to a firefighter. Then he cut a seatbelt and handed a second child, a baby, to Fields.

    Fields said people started walking away from the truck, but he noticed Enloe climb into the partially submerged vehicle and crawl out with a third child, a baby in a car seat. He said the child's nose and lips were already turning blue. Enloe used life saving techniques on the baby, causing the child to cough up water and begin crying.

    "There is no doubt in my mind that Trooper Enloe saved the lives of those three children," Fields said.

    He added that he's been in Oklahoma law enforcement for 10 years now and has seen many horrific and incredible things in his career.

    "The professionalism and competence that was exhibited by Trooper Cody Enloe on this day will be something I remember for the rest of my life and was nothing short of incredible," Fields said. "Trooper Cody Enloe, while being a first-year trooper, performed with all the skill and professionalism of a veteran officer. On this 14th Day of February 2019, Trooper Cody Enloe of Troop E was the embodiment of honor, pride, professionalism and competence that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is known for."

    OHP said they appreciate Fields for the message and would like to acknowledge all the members of the McCurtain County Sheriff's Office, Haworth Volunteer Fire Department, Idabel Fire Department, McCurtain County EMS, as well as wrecker owners Steve Steel and Charlie Johnson and bystanders who all came together to successfully help rescue these three children.

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