Water line break in north Tulsa leaves 20 homes without water

Water line break in north Tulsa leaves 20 homes without water (KTUL)

Crews are working to repair a busted water line in north Tulsa on East Pine between Yale and Sheridan.

The City of Tulsa says East Pine Street is closed to all traffic at the 5600 block near the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad crossing. A detour has been marked for motorists to follow.

Officials say the road closure will continue into next week.

The break is leaving about 20 homes without water.

Connie Caughie and her husband Bill barely have water at their house, hardly enough to do dishes or take a shower.

“I was able to get a little to take a shower Wednesday morning, but then it lost all pressure again," she said.

“These lines have been in here for years," said City Supervisor Blaine Parnell.

And fixing these lines won’t be easy or cheap.

“We’re working to get them back up because it’s going to take awhile to get this repaired," said Parnell.

A water truck has been provided so residents and businesses will have access to water until service can be restored.

Crews say the line is old, and they haven't been out there for more than 12 years for repairs.

It's unclear when the road will be back open.

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