Welch case update, still waiting for competency test

    Welch case update, still waiting for competency test (KTUL)<p>{/p}

    "He point blank told her, 'I don't play your game." That, says Lorene Bible, is what the prosecutor told the defense attorney of Ronnie Busick Friday morning as the case against him drags on.

    "She knew today that play time is over," she said.

    Whether or not Busick is competent is a central question in the case, and it was hoped that the results of testing would be revealed Friday.

    "And they hadn't done any of those," said Bible.

    But while that remains undetermined, something about Busick was revealed.

    "That's the first time we heard about that he had a, his memory loss may be due to a gunshot wound he received in 1977, '78," she said.

    Meanwhile, as that works its way through the court system, Ms. Bible has been working with a documentary crew.

    "We went with them on some of their things, they went and talked to people and did things, they took all photos that I had and took back and scanned them and stuff," she said.

    It's expected to run on CNN this summer, part of a seven week series, and the latest chapter in Lorene Bible's 18 year saga in the search for truth.

    "You've got to work it, its a full time job to keep the word out, what happened to my loved one?" she said.

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