What's next for Scott Pruitt?

What's next for Scott Pruitt?

Whatever side of the aisle you're on, for those in the industry, Scott Pruitt's demise was no surprise.

"If you kind of read the tea leaves, you could see that it was coming," said Representative Eric Proctor.

"Death by a thousand wounds, just a combination, it just kept adding up and adding up and adding up," said Jerry Buchanan, former Tulsa County GOP Chairman.

So, what now?

"I see Scott as being well-loved by the people of Oklahoma," said Buchanan.

Despite the cloud over his exit from Washington DC, local politicos envision relatively clear skies for future ambitions.

"If he's looking at running at a potentially open U.S. Senate seat, if Senator Inhofe were to leave, I would say that his political career is still, it may be on life support, but it's still alive," said Proctor.

"There was talk that he might come back and run for governor, 'course that's too late now, but until after this next election, and after whomever's governor decides to move onto something else, that spot would be open, and I certainly could see Scott doing something like that," said Buchanan.

After all, he's leaving DC but taking the friendship of a VIP with him.

"The president has stood by him all this time because he's done exactly what the president wanted him to do," said Buchanan.

"I think because of his close personal friendship with the president is why it took so long to get here," said Proctor.

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