Who will get control over Terence Crutcher's estate?

The estate of Terence Crutcher is the subject of a legal battle between his parents and the mother of his children. His parents have custody of those children, but Frenchel Johnson says she was Crutcher's common-law wife before he was shot and killed by a Tulsa police officer. (GoFundMe)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Testimony continued Wednesday in the fight over the estate of Terence Crutcher.

Crutcher's twin sister, Tiffany Crutcher, testified that her brother said he would not marry "that girl," referring to Frenchel Johnson, the mother of his children.

Tiffany Crutcher says her brother lived with another woman and dated another in the 16 years Johnson claims she was Crutcher's common-law wife.

Crutcher's best friend also said Crutcher never intended to marry Johnson.

On Tuesday, Johnson told the court she and Crutcher shared a home until the day he died and lived together as a married couple. She even showed a ring she said Crutcher gave her in 2012.

"We were married," said Johnson. "We just didn't walk down the aisle."

Crutcher's father, Rev. Joe Crutcher, said Wednesday he bought the ring because he wanted the two to marry.

Johnson admitted to filing state and federal tax returns as single and used her own last name in criminal records dating back 20 years.

A judge will eventually decide whether Johnson was, in fact, Crutcher's common-law wife, giving her the right to choose an administrator for Crutcher's estate. His parents are asking they be named because they have custody of his children.

At stake in the fight over Crutcher's estate is a $168,000 GoFundMe account created after the father of four was shot and killed by a police officer in September.

The estate's administrator will also have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Tulsa.

Officer Betty Shelby is charged with manslaughter for shooting Crutcher. She has pleaded not guilty.

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