Wild birds halt mail delivery in north Tulsa neighborhood

Wild birds halt mail delivery in north Tulsa neighborhood (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Dive-bombing birds have interrupted mail service for weeks in a north Tulsa neighborhood.

"My neighbor said we aren't getting mail because of a falcon and I said, really?" said Janice Kuharski.

When mail stopped coming to the neighborhood, neighbors didn't know why.

"We just want our mail back, we want our bills, we want to pay our bills," said Kuharski.

"They didn't let us know anything so we were just in the dark," said Marion Bliss.

At first, Bliss thought he just didn't get mail for a day or two.

"Then it went three or four days and I didn't get any mail at all and I thought what is going on? I had no idea," said Bliss.

Several neighbors went to the post office asking questions.

"We were told it was a falcon issue," Kuharski said.

One neighbor said she saw birds flying at the mailman's head and since then he hasn't come back.

"It is frustrating to say the least," said Kuharski.

For people like Kuharski who can't drive, this is a big problem.

"At this point I am not going to order something, a product I normally order to replace something because it might not get delivered and then I would have to go get it and it is a catch-22," Kuharski said.

We reached out to the post office about the issue and shortly after two employees were out for delivery.

It was the first time in weeks Kuharski didn't have to worry about finding a way to get her mail.

"I personally have had to go up there or I wait or just like today wait for someone to come from KTUL and bring me my mail," Kuharski said.

The United States Post Office says all mail will be delivered to the area moving forward, unless the wild birds propose a threat.

Here is the statement from the USPS:

“The Postal Service’s goal is to provide the best delivery service possible. In addition, the safety and well-being of our employees is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the welfare and safety of our delivery personnel, the Postal Service has guidelines in place which address situations such as a threatening animal, which could cause injury to an employee. Local postal management has been advised by wildlife experts that the bird currently nesting in this area is a protected species and cannot be relocated. Regarding mail service, all deliveries for this neighborhood will be made each day, unless the animal poses a further hazard to our carrier. If a customer in this neighborhood does not receive delivery, they should contact the local Post Office. We appreciate the understanding and patience of our customers.”
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