Window shot at for third time at BA Blue Star Mothers office


A local organization is targeted not once, not twice, but three times in just under six months.

For the third time, a place for military families is in someone's crosshairs. Someone shot at the front office windows of Broken Arrows Blue Star Mothers office.

Back in April – someone shattered the office's front door and just weeks in May, it happened again.

“Last time we found a BB" said Chapter President, Janet Viel.

It’s a sad déjà vu for Viel. Different window, same story.

“I was really aggravated," said Viel. "Why? What are we doing?"

It’s the third time her Blue Star Mothers office in Broken Arrow was vandalized. She says she came in Friday morning and saw her front window barely holding up, with just a single bullet hole.

“Broken Arrow as a whole is very safe city and I can’t imagine why anybody would be targeting us, I really cannot," said Viel.

Luckily this time she has some surveillance footage. The video shows a pick-up truck passing by and then seconds later you can see glass fly into the air.

“A police report has been filed and they have a copy of the video," said Viel. "We’re doing everything we can and I hope we catch whoever did this."

Viel says the community shouldn't stand for this, especially since the volunteers are here to support our troops and their families. Replacing this window ultimately could affect the amount of care packages they send to our troops overseas.

“You’re not physically hurting us but you’re hurting what we do," said Viel. "We’re sending out 160 boxes at $15.39 per box for postage. So, they’re hurting our troops."

Viel is asking the surrounding businesses nearby for surveillance footage as well so they can get a color, make and model for that pickup truck in the video.

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