Witness testifies Bever allegedly said he saw all five of his family members dead

    An interesting day in the Michael Bever murder trial Wednesday. (KTUL) <p>{/p}

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- An interesting day in the Michael Bever murder trial Wednesday.

    Jurors heard testimony from four witnesses on day 4. They were also shown several pictures from the bloody crime scene and pictures of wounds on the surviving sister.

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    But, the most interesting was what some of the witnesses testified.

    Officer Chane Cothran took the stand this morning.

    He was in charge of transporting Michael Bever from jail to the hospital to be cleared medically on the night of the murders.

    Cothran testified Bever made voluntary statements to the doctor about the murders.

    Cothran says Bever said he saw all five of his family members dead. He testified Bever told the doctor, "I guess I got a little crazy and my family is dead."

    The defense mentioned the transcript from that same conversation.

    Cothran testified that Bever told the doctor he thought Robert Bever was kidding about the murders, but then Robert said he wasn't, so Bever said he just went along with it and stabbed somebody.

    This is the first time in this trial we have heard from a witness that Bever admitted to stabbing someone.

    The defense is still pushing to show jurors that Robert Bever was the ring leader of these murders.

    But, the state is pulling out all of the stops, including letting jurors hold and get up close looks at evidence from the scene, including the ballistic helmets, Micheal and Robert Bever were wearing at the time of their arrest.

    Jurors also heard from trauma nurse Jill Sledge.

    Sledge was with the surviving sister most of the day following the attacks.

    The defense asked Sledge a series of questions, including why no family members came to the hospital to be with the surviving sister.

    Sledge testified that they contacted an aunt who didn't want to come to the hospital, and another uncle who had a molestation charge against him.

    She said that is very unusual for a child of her age to not have any family to support her.

    Sledge testified that the morning after the murders, the surviving sister attempted to talk to her, but because of her injuries, couldn't.

    The sister wrote on a piece of paper, ultimately telling Sledge that her two brothers did this to her.

    The sister did testify earlier in this case that Robert Bever stabbed her first and she never saw Micheal Bever attack any of the family.

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    But, witnesses have testified that the sister told them both brothers attacked the family.

    "What she did was heroic and I am not going to try and suggest anything about what somebody who had that happen to them, how they should be able to recall something, that she thought was going to happen," District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said.

    The defense headed out of the courthouse before anyone was able to speak with them.

    More evidence will be presented Wednesday morning.

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