Witnesses claim Tulsa Police officer hit, killed a dog in north Tulsa, then left

Mia was hit and killed by a car on Friday. (KTUL)

A dog hit and killed in north Tulsa has a lot of people outraged and looking for answers.

This is Mia, she is a four-year-old rescue dog, who was very loved.

Sadly, on Friday, her owner says Mia escaped from the yard and was tragically hit by a car.

“I walked up and asked the lady what happened and she said that a police officer had struck the dog but said he couldn’t stay because he had a call to go to,” Jason Jacobs said.

Jacobs says the scene was gut-wrenching.

“It is upsetting that he would leave her in the road like trash,” he said.

He says Mia looked helpless.

“She couldn’t move, she was paralyzed and she was breathing really heavily and you could tell she was on her way out,” Jacobs said.

“I put her on my girlfriends jacket and picked her up and put her in the bed of my truck.”

Mia didn't make it.

"It's upsetting,” he said.

Now, people like Jacobs who stopped to help want answers.

“A lot of people feel their animals are just like their child,” Jacobs said. “I do.”

Jacobs and his girlfriend posted about the incident on social media. It’s been shared dozens of times, demanding action from Tulsa Police, city councilors and our mayor.

Mayor GT Bynum did respond to some of those comments asking witnesses to e-mail him the details of what happened.

"Someone needs to be held accountable for what happened," Jacobs said.

A supervisor with the Tulsa Police Department says he hadn't heard about the incident. He did say unless an officer is headed to an emergency call, the officer should stop and help the animal any way it can and check in on the radio if something like this happens. Something witnesses allege did not happen.

“The least he could have done was get the dog out of the road instead of leave it there in the middle of the road and traffic,” Jacobs said.

Tulsa Police did recommend the owners contact internal affairs for more information.

We will continue to follow this story.

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