Woman trashes Equality Center over disagreement with board member

    Woman trashes Equality Center over disagreement with board member (KTUL)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A woman spends several hours wrecking the Equality Center on Wednesday morning. Tulsa police later identified her as Shay White. She was charged with malicious mischief and trespassing.

    According to this woman’s social media posts, this all sparked over a disagreement with an Equality Center board member as to whether a Tulsa County clerk employee with possible KKK ties should be fired.

    White posted on her public Facebook, “I am calling on Sharon Bishop Baldwin to recant her support for #KKK until then I no longer support #OkEq.”

    White called out the Equality Center on Facebook for not taking a strong stand against a Tulsa County worker, who is married to a man allegedly involved with white nationalist causes.

    White broadcasted live on her own Facebook trashing the Equality Center.

    After several minutes, her actions finally trip a silent alarm. Police arrived and took her into custody.

    Officer Jeanne Pierce said they took the woman to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

    “We know that it’s something that individuals suffer from; we know that sometimes instead of going to jail, people need to get professional help,” she said.

    In these situations, officers are always prepared with training to help in the best way possible.

    “We can give them resources to help them with their situation and hopefully not have any more negative run-ins with law enforcement,” said Pierce.

    The Equality Center released a statement later after this incident:

    We regret that the incidents of today were deemed newsworthy. What occurred today was a private matter that, in part, resulted from a disagreement between individuals on social media. One of our constituents arrived at the center as a result of the disagreement, and unfortunately, a conversation regarding the initial social media post was unable to occur. We know this has left our constituents concerned and confused. Oklahomans For Equality is committed to an internal and organization-wide examination of leadership and programs to address any bias.
    This incident highlights an intersection of social justice issues that are faced by the multitude of our diverse constituents. We are committed to having a productive dialogue going forward as to what we can do, proactively, to address and confront the systemic injustices that exist in our communities. We are a group that seeks to lift one another up. Today’s unfortunate situation does not reflect the care and support that we seek and see in our community every day.
    We appreciate the concern of our community and thank you for your continued support and understanding. We know that for many of you this is a safe place in which you have invested many precious hours and generous donations.
    If you have been impacted emotionally by this event, please feel free to reach out to OKEQ to access our mental health resources.
    The center is open to the community and facilities have been restored. Programs will meet as regularly scheduled. No charges were filed.

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