Women in Recovery program trying new app to prevent relapse

Women in Recovery program trying new app to prevent relapse (KTUL)

Christa Conway has been sober for two years since coming to Women in Recovery, but it takes work every single day.

Thursday, she shows us an app she's been using since she graduated last summer from the program at Family & Children's Services.

"I use the A-Chess app with Women in Recovery. It's a relapse prevention recovery app. It's been really important in my recovery," said Conway.

Today, she works in the mental health industry and says the app keeps her grounded and on the right path.

"There's a beacon button where you can automatically contact your therapist or a staff member with Women in Recovery if I need help. I can also look up a meeting," Conway said.

"We are the only user that is using it in a diversion and aftercare kind of outpatient sort of way. We feel like we are really pioneering that technology there," said Lindsey Crawford.

Crawford with Women in Recovery says the app has lots of uses.

"Being able to connect with their therapist, to be able to find a meeting in the community that they may not have gone to before. To be able to put in high risk locations so that their phone will actually give them an alert and prompt them to recovery based tools rather than let them go into that danger zone," said Crawford.

The app also gives a wellness check each day.

"It asks if you are confident if you can make it through the day. I'll say 'yes.' Then, it has the weekly survey," said Conway.

It's a way to maintain accountability and keep these women strong on their path in a way that makes it accessible even on those darkest of days.

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