Woodcraft reopening Monday after summer tornado

Woodcraft reopening after summer tornado (KTUL)

Woodcraft will be reopening their doors on Dec. 18 after renovating and fixing damage caused by the tornado this summer.

The new Woodcraft store on 41st Street is almost ready to open after a lot of hard work.

In August, the building was demolished because a tornado had ripped through the area and destroyed the building beyond repair.

"It took almost three days for it to hit me that the store was destroyed," said store owner Allan Chaney. "It wasn't really until I met with the insurance adjusters that it was like getting hit by a semi-truck."

Chaney wasn't sure he wanted to face the struggle of reopening at first, but his manager and assistant manager encouraged him to make a comeback.

As part of their celebration Wednesday, Santa arrived to inspect the new store and make sure it's ready for Christmas.

Santa says this is where he gets his woodworking supplies for the North Pole, "It devastated my elves. They were like, 'What are we going to do Santa?'"

While they couldn't salvage the old building or Black Friday business, they hope to save their Christmas season earnings.

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