Year-long senior housing project in north Tulsa reaches completion

Elaine McDondle has dedicated her life to caring for seniors. (KTUL)

The little blue house on 53rd Street North stands out not just because of its color, but because of its purpose.

“What does this house symbolize to you?”

“Wow, a lot of hard work. A lot of love,” said Elaine McDondle.

For McDondle, the home has been a year-long labor of love and test of faith.

“I was running down the hallway saying, thank you Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! It looked like a whole new home,” said McDondle.

McDondle and four other volunteers took an abandoned home and flipped it. Now it will provide affordable housing for five seniors, including Marvin Lewis Howard.

“It’s good because God is in the plan,” said Howard, while looking at his new room. “When God is in the plan, everything is going to work out alright.”

McDondle has been taking care of seniors in north Tulsa for years. Down the street from the new house is where her mission began.

The blue house has a statue in the front and a sign that says “Sarah’s Residential.” In March, McDondle shared her story with Channel 8. She told us the reason she decided to create the non-profit and take care of elderly people full time is because they often don’t have anywhere else to go.

Now, she has a staff in the old home and will be living in the new home down the street.

“The main thing that I pass along to people is to care for the residents. I could not let them take care of my seniors if they did not care about them. Those are my babies and I love them dearly,” said McDondle.

The new home is part of her larger goal. She hopes one day to flip two more houses and set up some senior duplexes. Her purpose is about providing affordable housing for seniors living in north Tulsa.

“It’s wonderful, wonderful because so many of them is living on the street and they don’t know where their next meal is going to come from,” said Howard.

The two homes, small and colorful, sit down the road from the other. They are connected by a dream, faith, and the heart of one special person.

McDondle is holding an open house Saturday, Aug. 26. All people are welcome to come tour the house and hear her story. The address is 1370 E. 53rd St. N.

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