Young man killed crossing dangerous section of highway

    Victim identified in fatal Glenpool crash (KTUL)

    A Glenpool police investigator said we may never know why a young man was killed crossing U.S. Highway 75 before dawn on Friday.

    Sergeant Tracey Powell said 24-year-old Austin Brunner died when the driver of a pickup truck didn’t see him in the roadway just south of 171st Street.

    Powell said he’d been visiting friends at a home in the area and had parked his car at the Triumph Church after leaving their home.

    The people who live in the house said Brunner was not acting like himself and he was upset, so they were glad he’d decided not to drive.

    When he returned to their home, they took his car keys, but he then ran off and were unable to find him.

    It wasn’t until early this morning when they saw the crash scene that they realized he had not gone far.

    The highway was closed for some time as officers tried to figure out what happened.

    The situation was complicated by the fact that Brunner wasn’t carrying any identification.

    Friends of the family said Brunner was a well-liked young man, who graduated from Glenpool High School in 2011.

    Sergeant Powell said he’d never been in any trouble.

    “He was good kid. He has a good family, good father. It’s good people I’ve known for many years,” Powell said.

    If Brunner decided to walk home, it was a dangerous choice.

    Powell said he picked a very bad place to cross the highway.

    “It’s extremely dark, and the road slightly curves. It makes kind of a jog. So, judging speed at night is difficult as it is. When you add the curve into it, it’s very difficult to judge the speed,” Powell said.

    The driver who hit Brunner will not be cited.

    The driver didn’t even realize he’d hit a person until after he’d pulled over and looked in his rear-view mirror.

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