Company responds to mold reports: Sophie the Giraffe 'should not be immersed in water'

The company that makes Sophie the Giraffe responds to claims that mold grows inside the chew toy. It recommends not submerging it in water to avoid the issue. (Photo Courtesy Vulli)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The company that makes a popular chew toy is advising parents to not submerge it in order to avoid mold growth.

Sinclair Broadcast Group reached out to Vulli, a company based in France that makes Sophie the Giraffe, after photos surfaced on the internet from concerned parents who reportedly discovered mold inside the toy.

Good Housekeeping originally posted a warning about the complaints.

In an email, a spokesperson for Vulli stated the toy is made of 100 percent natural rubber, "so the cleaning instructions have to be carefully respected. As indicated on the packaging and in an explanatory leaflet inside the packaging, we recommend to clean the surface of Sophie la girafe with a damp cloth. It should not be immersed in the water nor rinsed off, to prevent water from getting inside, as she may become damaged."

They advised it is important to ensure no water gets inside the hole.

The company also said they were not contacted by the pediatric dentist or the person featured in the complaint, though they did attempt to get their quality department to assess the issue based on the viral photos circulating on the internet.

Based on their assessment, Vulli stated they do not believe it is possible that saliva alone caused the mold to grow inside Sophie the Giraffe.

"It seems that the inside body of the giraffe is still wet, which leads us to believe that there was presence of water inside the giraffe that can have caused the mold. This situation is often seen with bath toys."

They advise parents to clean the chew toy without getting water inside it, as advised on the leaflet included in its packaging.

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