Mother shares daughter's heartbreaking message written on arm during school lockdown

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    A mother who posted a photo of her daughter's heartbreaking message on her arm during a school lockdown says she is heartbroken over this 'new normal our kids have to deal with on any given day.'

    A post on Shelly Harrison Reed's page shows a photo of the words "Love mom and dad" on her 7-year-old daughter's arm. It was apparently written while her daughter was caught up in a lockdown at her school.

    "I say to her, why did you write that on your arm? She says, in case the bad guy got to us and I got killed, you and daddy would know that I love you, and she started to cry (as did I as I watched a little piece of her innocence get stolen away).'

    Reed describes the incident as 'absolutely gut wrenching and it's killing me inside."

    "It’s now been a couple hours, and I can’t seem to shake this awful feeling, feeling of sadness, fear, and plain disgusts for this new ‘normal’ our kids have to deal with on any given day," writes Reed.

    The post has been shared almost 100,000 times and has generated thousands of comments.

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