Prosecutor considers charges after pit bulls attack UPS driver

Photo from Davis Law Group shows the UPS driver after the attack.

TACOMA, Wash. - The Pierce County Prosecutor's Office is considering felony dog bite charges for an incident that left a man in need of 133 stitches for multiple bites, including one that tore through muscle - down to the bone of the man's left leg.

The attack happened Sept. 13 when United Parcel Service driver Kevin Backlund attempted to deliver a package to a property in Puyallup. He entered a gated yard and was attacked by a pack of at least four pit bulls.

Firefighters had to ram through a driveway gate to save Backlund after they were denied entry to the property by a woman who was there.

By the time rescuers reached the driver, he was covered in blood and two pit bulls had sunk their teeth into this legs, trying to pull him off a small trailer where he had climbed in an effort to get away, according to the official report.

Orting Valley Fire Chief Dave Goodwin finally was able to rescue Backlund by pulling up to the trailer in his vehicle, which allowed Backlund to jump through the open passenger side window.

Attorney Mike Stewart represents the property's workers. He says there is still much to learn about the case, but that he plans to appeal any "dangerous dog" status that would require the dogs to be euthanized.

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