Report: Sarah Palin pressured son's ex-girlfriend to keep quiet about abuse towards her

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska in an interview with Jake Tapper, Photo Date: April 20, 2017 CNN / YouTube via MGN Online

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- During a conversation with DailyMailTV, Jordan Loewe has accused former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin of pressuring her not to go to police about the attacks she suffered from Palin's son Track while they were dating.

"I got the cold shoulder for calling the police and tarnishing their name," Loewe said. "I was very particular about when I called the police and I didn't call them often. If I had called the police every time he pulled out a gun, then he would be in jail. To his family, I was still kind of the bad guy for calling the police and blowing this up. The answer to them is, 'we don't call the police because that's our reputation."

Two days before former Gov. Palin endorsed Trump for President, Loewe called the police after Track Palin attacked her. Last January, Track allegedly punched Loewe in the face and kicked her. He also pointed a gun at his head threatening to shoot himself during an argument he had with his girlfriend at the time.

"There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to kill himself or kill me. It was terrifying," Loewe said. "I did not go to the media - they got a hold of the police report, so they got quotes of what I said about what had happened. I got a text to say I was disrespectful and not respecting their privacy; that I shouldn't have been drinking and I was blamed for that."

Former Gov. Palin allegedly spoke with Loewe after the incident and tried to reason with her about why Track was acting the way he was.

"Track has always had an outlet for his violence. He's played hockey his whole life and it's applauded when you get in fights with people and that's how he can take it out," Palin reportedly said. "Since he's out of the military, he doesn't have that outlet anymore. So it's hard for him."

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