S.C. Highway Patrolman saves baby’s life during routine traffic stop

South Carolina State Trooper/Trooper First Class Benjamin Crocker (WCIV)

A young South Carolina State Trooper saved the life of a three-month-old boy during what started out as a routine traffic stop.

“It was just a normal day, you know, spotting violations,” said Trooper First Class Benjamin Crocker.

Crocker, 26, graduated from The Citadel in 2013 and is in the Army National Guard. He pulled a car over on the side of Interstate 26 near mile marker 211 just before 10 a.m. on November 8.

Crocker said he was explaining the reason for the stop to the first driver when a car came up behind him.

A woman jumped out of the driver seat and began yelling, according to Crocker.

“She starts screaming 'my baby, my baby he's not breathing.’,” Crocker recalled. “At that point, I just went into action.

He said he jumped into the woman’s car. That’s where he found her daughter and the woman’s grandson barely breathing.

"I kicked into lifesaving mode I guess,” he said. “I just started doing gentle light, sternum rubs with my two fingers. Once I got a response out of him and he started crying, I knew he was breathing again."

He said CPR classes through his military and police service gave him the life-saving skills he needed.

The rest was just luck.

“I think everything happens for a reason. For that day, I think I was just placed there.”

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