'We're not gonna take it!' Oklahoma teachers make walkout music video

Photo: MGN Online

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) — A group of Oklahoma teachers are making their voices heard -- literally.

Teachers at Oneta Ridge Middle School, which is southeast of Tulsa, created a music video as a way of continuing to rally support for teachers and students. The whole video is nine minutes long, but it's definitely worth your time.

The teacher walkout is now in its fifth day, the longest walkout in state history.

A state union leader said he doesn't think pending proposals to increase revenue are enough to stop the walkout from extending into next week.

The Senate was expected to consider separate proposals Friday to expand tribal gambling and tax certain internet sales that are expected to generate roughly $40 million annually.

Oklahoma Education Association Executive Director David Duvall says he doesn't think those are enough to keep teachers from walking out again next week.

"Our members know their needs, and they're going to tell us when it's enough," Duvall said. "I anticipate that we'll be back up here on Monday."

Oklahoma is the second state where teachers have gone on strike this year. West Virginia teachers won a 5 percent pay increase after striking for nine days.

Oklahoma's Republican Gov. Mary Fallin has faced the brunt of criticism from teachers, many of whom blame the term-limited governor for supporting tax cuts and generous state subsidies for businesses that have led to declines in state funding for schools and other state services. The governor further raised the ire of teachers after an interview this week in which she likened striking teachers to a "teenage kid that wants a better car."

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